Cryptocuban Social Club


A collectible of real people in the space.

Mint is live!

Who are the Cryptocubans?

In 1492, Columbus arrived in Cuba.
Soon, 1492 Cryptocubans will discover the Blockchain.

For the first time in history, a group of Cubans will travel to the Ethereum Blockchain to create the Cryptocuban Social Club. A community that will connect our Music and Culture with the rest of the World.
We are not a PFP, we are not a collectible, We are not a photo series, We are all that together and more... We are a community.



Cryptocuban Social Club has become the biggest Cuban family in the space, and the only reason we achieved this is that we are building in real life. 

11% - The brave take-off

On September 8, the first Cryptocubans arrived at the studio. We photographed each one with love. At the end of November, we reached 1492 brave souls who decided to be part of history. We knew it was not an easy task, but Cubans are dreamers.
The Drop of the Cryptocubans happened on January 15th.

27% - The great opening

When they landed on the blockchain, Cryptocuban Social Club opened its doors on Discord and Twitter. We started The Human NFT Show, which is a beautiful space that happens three times a week on Twitter. We opened Meet your Cryptocubans where collectors can meet their NFTs.

45% - Giving Back

Our goal is to be able to give back 20% of primary sales to the 1492 Cryptocubans.  We are teaching them how to create a wallet and educating them about Web3. Many of them will receive their first $eth ever. That´s why they are the Cryptocubans.

69% - Cryptocubans Fest

Our goal, our dream, and our everyday purpose are to get people together thanks to web3! Creating bridges from digital to physical! That’s why we started The Cryptocubans Fest!!   An event that was born to be global! The First Cryptocubans Fest happened on May 24th & 25th in Havana, and it was @%$& Amazing!! 
Check it out!!
 We are planning to do the same in Miami and Madrid!! 

99% - From Cuba

Some of the Cryptocuban attributes are designed and created by Cuban entrepreneurs. We will launch, exclusively for members of the community, a limited online sale of their designs. Likes the ones we had from Clandestina in our First Fest!



Some facts about the birth of Cryptocubans

Shoot & Edition hours




People involved in the project



Cuban Entrepreneurs & Artists we collaborate with

Dador Havana - Cryptocuban
Clandestina Cuba - Cryptocuban
Katy Ocañas Cuba - Cryptocuban
Tramontana Cuba - Cryptocuban
Estudio50 - Cryptocuban
Vistar Magazine - Cryptocuban


Mint is now live.

Mint up to 3 Cryptocubans

Mint price: 0.15 eth.

Royalties: 5%.


Do you have questions?

  • What is Cryptocuban Social Club?

    Cryptocuban Social Club is the first collectible created with real people and the biggest NFT project created in Cuba. They will travel to the Ethereum Blockchain where they will create a community full of culture.

  • How many Cryptocubans will be there?

    There will only ever be 1492 Cryptocubans. Each one of them is unique, just as each person is unique. That is what makes this collectible so exclusive. It comes with more than 130 traits.

  • What happens once inside Cryptocuban Social Club?

    All members of the community will have exclusive access to spaces where they can meet and interact with Cryptocubans. live concerts, raffle of travels to Cuba, exclusive drops of merchandising created by Cuban entrepreneurs, parties, and everything that makes a community a great group of friends.

  • When is the drop date?

    Our plan is to drop Cryptocuban Social Club on January 15th. Presale will open at 3 pm EST. The public sale will open on January 16th at 3 pm EST.

  • Will there be a presale/whitelist?

    Yes, we released a Whitelist where every person that owns an NFT created by a Cuban artist will have priority access to mint, Also OG roles in our Discord, and all BAYC, MAYC, BAKC holders.


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